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Summer Vibes

· This has been my busiest summer so far... and I think I know why ·

Sending summer vibes your way!! Summer 2017 has been my busiest summer and I love it! Living in Dallas now, I have to make time to visit my family and friends who live outside the city. I just got back from Houston visiting my best friend and we are headed to Spain next month for…

New Job

· Positive thoughts on the first week at my new job! ·

I’ve officially been at my new job a full week and it has been enjoyable. I truly am happy with the new atmosphere (especially my office) and the people! The idea of leaving a job that you have been at for many years can be scary at first, but I have a few words of…

My Spring Traditions

· We're talkin' Fiesta, bluebonnets, and cascarónes! ·

My Spring Traditions

Today on the blog I’ll be sharing my spring traditions! I was raised in San Antonio, Texas and I’m always amazed at the reactions I get when I tell others about my springtime. I grew up in a Christian household and we have always celebrated Easter. The first tradition for spring is buying an Easter dress…