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Lady In Red

· Wear the energy, passion, and power! ·

As a millennial woman, I feel empowered every day. I stay motivated by the fact that there are so many opportunities available to me in this day and age! Women and men, have the power to change their lives in ways that our parents never had the opportunity to do. From fast communication via the…

Summer Vibes

· This has been my busiest summer so far... and I think I know why ·

Sending summer vibes your way!! Summer 2017 has been my busiest summer and I love it! Living in Dallas now, I have to make time to visit my family and friends who live outside the city. I just got back from Houston visiting my best friend and we are headed to Spain next month for…

New Job

· Positive thoughts on the first week at my new job! ·

I’ve officially been at my new job a full week and it has been enjoyable. I truly am happy with the new atmosphere (especially my office) and the people! The idea of leaving a job that you have been at for many years can be scary at first, but I have a few words of…

My Spring Traditions

· We're talkin' Fiesta, bluebonnets, and cascarónes! ·

My Spring Traditions

Today on the blog I’ll be sharing my spring traditions! I was raised in San Antonio, Texas and I’m always amazed at the reactions I get when I tell others about my springtime. I grew up in a Christian household and we have always celebrated Easter. The first tradition for spring is buying an Easter dress…