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Dress for the Occasion

· I am so excited to be attending my good friend's wedding in Canada! ·

In a few days I’ll be making my first international trip of 2017 and I’m making sure to dress for the occasion!! This will be my first destination wedding and I’m thrilled to be part of it. I spent last night going over outfits and analyzing what would be appropriate for this trip. Canada is a…

Things To Do In New York

· Need a New York itinerary? I've got you covered. ·

Things to Do In New York

My best friend and I stayed in Astoria, Queens (the cutest little neighborhood) and rented a house through Air BnB . I have to admit – I was skeptical when booking, considering I had never tried Air BnB. But after using it, I don’t regret making a reservation with Air BnB AT ALL!! If you’ve never…

Road Trip

· The open road never looked so good ·

Road Trip

I know a lot of people who would rather take an airplane 100% of the time but I have always been one to have no problem jumping into my car and taking a drive out to a new or familiar destination. Don’t get me wrong – flying is great, but a Texas road trip is…

Signs That its Time to Take Your Next Trip

· Your wanderlust is calling. ·

  Everyone experiences times when they absolutely need to take a vacation. Whether it be taking a beach trip to reorganize your thoughts or a personal spa trip to relax your body, we all can relate. For me, its slightly different. The travel fairy likes to visit me quite a bit. Because of this, I now recognize the signs….