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My Spring Traditions

· We're talkin' Fiesta, bluebonnets, and cascarónes! ·

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My Spring Traditions

Today on the blog I’ll be sharing my spring traditions! I was raised in San Antonio, Texas and I’m always amazed at the reactions I get when I tell others about my springtime. I grew up in a Christian household and we have always celebrated Easter. The first tradition for spring is buying an Easter dress for Sunday church! There are all types of Easter dresses out there. The one that I am wearing in this post is from Chic Connection. It is a little bit more casual than usual, emphasizing Mexican embroidery. This dress is so comfortable!! It has one layer underneath but it is very light and cool. I love wearing it with my Ariat boots!

Embroidered Dress

Being from San Antonio, I always celebrate Fiesta at spring. Fiesta is a celebration that represents 125 years of tradition that started with the Battle of the Flowers parade! Since moving to Dallas two years ago, I have not been able to get down to San Antonio during Fiesta but that still doesn’t stop me from celebrating. I also have found many Fiesta parties right in the DFW metroplex!! You can learn more about Fiesta by clicking the link HERE.

Ariat Boots

We fill cascarónes and then crack them on each other! If you don’t know what I mean – no worries!! I’m here to explain! A cascarón is the Spanish word for ‘eggshell’. During Easter and Fiesta, it is customary to remove the yolk from the eggshell, fill it with confetti, and smash it on another persons head. (Okay this sounds violent but I a promise its not!!) I have always enjoyed this tradition! In the spirit of Fiesta, you’ll see many people with confetti filled hair and smiles on their faces LOL

Mexican Embroidery

We take pictures in the bluebonnets at spring! We Texans love bluebonnets. The bluebonnet is the official state flower of Texas. Every year you can find numerous Bluebonnet festivals here, celebrating our beloved flower.


We go to church at Easter, and then we eat a lot of food!! I’m from San Antonio and I am no stranger when it comes to a yummy meal!! Its the best time to spend with friends and family. I’m heading home in less than one week and I cannot wait! Those are just a few of my spring traditions. What are some of yours? Like, share, or comment! I would love to hear from you. Happy Easter and Viva Fiesta!!

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Originally Published April 10, 2017

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