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Signs That its Time to Take Your Next Trip

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Yes, there are signs that it’s time to take your next trip! I love to travel! But I wasn’t always this way. In fact, I was rather intimidated about leaving anything familiar.


Signs That Its Time to Take Your Next Trip

Everyone experiences times when they absolutely need to take a vacation. Whether it be taking a beach trip to reorganize your thoughts or a personal spa trip to relax your body, we all can relate. For me, its slightly different. The travel fairy likes to visit me quite a bit. Because of this, I now recognize the signs. Yes, there are signs that it’s time to take your next trip! But I wasn’t always this way. In fact, I was rather intimidated about leaving anything familiar.

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It all changed when I dated a guy from Africa. To make a long story short, he traveled from Africa to go to school in Texas but when he graduated, he took a job in different state. Moving out of state meant that I had to go and visit him alone. I was scared to travel by myself, but he really didn’t understand why. He assured me that as long as I could read the signs, I would be fine. And he was right. I laugh about it now, I mean – he traveled across the continent and I was scared to fly over a few states to visit him!! (Laugh Out Loud!!) Once I got used to the first few flights, they all seemed the same after a while. Before long I enjoyed getting up and going. Since then, the thrill of seeing new places and new things has never left me. Now I have no problem traveling alone, in fact, sometimes I prefer it – for the simple reason that I get to make my own schedule and I’m not bound by someone else’s time or preferences.

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One sign that its time to satisfy my wanderlust is that I start looking for my passport. For some reason I just start thinking about it, about the blank pages that need to be stamped and when I’m going to get them stamped. And then, looking through my passport causes me to think about the places that I’ve already been! For instance, I always think about Austria. It was such a fantastic place and I’m always thinking about how it may have changed since I visited and when it will be a good time to go back.

Ask your tongue. If you are getting bored with the local cuisine and would like to taste something different, perhaps its time to fly somewhere exotic and taste something new! Some of best pizza I ever tasted was in Germany of all places!! There was an Italian owned restaurant in my parents village that made the best food! Your hands will tell you. When I’m ready for my next trip, I find myself searching for flights online for no reason. With no date even set I just start searching for a trip. Its a bit eerie!! I love using to find the latest deals.

Those are just some of the things that I experience when its time to satisfy my wanderlust. What happens to you? Let me know, I’d love to hear about it. Like, comment, or share this post!!

Kenya Denise

Kenya Denise