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Wow Donuts and Drips

January 27, 2018 0 Comments 11 Photos

Two of my favorite things are Instagram and coffee. That’s why I am thrilled to tell you about a new place that I just found called Wow Donuts and Drips!

Wow Donuts and Drips

This amazing new donut and coffee shop is located at 6509 W Park Blvd, Plano TX 75093 🙂

Donut Menu

The donuts and coffee are freshly made. Each design is soooo beautiful – so have your phones and cameras ready!!


Since I love Instagram so much, you can tell that I’m obsessed with this place because everywhere you look there is a beautiful backdrop, flatlay, or donut looking soooo pretty!!

Cold DrinksWow Coffee Shop

Once the donuts are made, you have your choice of a plate or ‘Wow’ box.

Wow Donuts Packaging

The coffee or ‘drip’ selection is wonderful. They’ve got different beans to choose from – of course I chose Kenya beans for my coffee!

Kenya CoffeeDonuts and Coffee

All rise for the dough!!

Kenya Denise at Wow Donuts and Drips

Marble inspired tables and colorful hues are just some of the things that make the donut shop Instagram worthy!

On Saturdays, Wow Donuts and Drips is open 24 hours! Sunday the shop is open until 9pm and Monday through Friday, they are open from 5am to midnight! I’m so happy about these hours because I really appreciate a coffee shop that is open late!

Wow Donuts and Drips

I look forward to more of these shops opening around the DFW area!

Kenya Denise